Scissors Necklace - Nicolas Ambrosio
Scissors Necklace - Nicolas Ambrosio

Scissors Necklace

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The idea of the Scissors Necklace came to me when I was playing with my 6 year old son and I saw this perfectly constructed toy hammer of his. I decided to give his tool toys a new life, different from the one they were supposed to have. Spanner, hammer, scissors, or any other tool you want - if you have a photo of it, send it to me and I will turn it into something precious.

The Scissors necklace can be made of any metal to suit your taste, just specify in your order.

The price shown is for the one in bronze; 110$ for sterling silver; if you want it customized, please fill out our custom order form.

The Chain could be in bronze, sterling s., stainless steel or gold plated.