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Crystals are known to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Our therapeutical handmade Crystal Soaps will please your eyes and soul but also clean your body. Designed with a unique blend of colors, and essential oils they are meant to awake your senses of wellness, beauty, and gratitude just like a real gemstone crystal but with an essential aroma of your choice and daily practicality.  

All-natural Soap made of 100% pure glycerin, non-GMO food coloring, mica powder, and essential oils. Long-lasting & non-allergenic.

Each soap is handmade in Brooklyn, NYC, and thus unique. This Crystal Soap has an elegant black base with an iceberg blue tip, and a soothing lemongrass aroma.

Handmade soap will last much longer than any commercial soap bar if used properly. By keeping it dry and away from water, your soap will last and look beautiful for a long time.